In The Rooms

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This Engaged:Audience gets it name from a term that addicts and alcoholics use to describe the spaces and communities that fuel their recovery journey. In The Rooms was born back in the 1990s, when founders Ken Pomerance and Ron Tannebaum realized that the recovery community needed its own ‘My Space’—a place where they could connect with folks who were also building substance-free lives.

What began as a social media platform has blossomed into a robust digital community where people in recovery can access free, relevant content and supplement their ‘IRL’ meetings with the more than 150 AA, NA, and other confidential addiction recovery meetings online every month. Even if you’re traveling or struggling in the middle of the night, In The Rooms is there for you with meetings and friends who are also in recovery.

In The Rooms is there for people at all stages of recovery—from the first tentative steps that lead to treatment to people decades along from the time they first kicked the habit. More than 10 percent of the US population reports they are in recovery from addiction, and In The Rooms has members from all over the U.S. and around the world. It’s a large community of seekers looking to invest their time and money in new, substance-free life experiences.

Partnering with In The Rooms a savvy, cost-effective way for brands to connect with a large, diverse, loyal, and ever-growing audience.

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